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Happy to help Meals on Wheels!!!

Designer Services Group is happy to announce their support for Meals on Wheels with their annual pledge drive called “March for Meals”! We will be participating in the march and we need your financial support.

When you participate in the Annual March for Meals event on the beautiful Riverwalk in Sanford, you will be helping us feed more than 700 seniors a day who are unable to prepare their own meals. March for Meals is a fun 3-mile walk/run for families and people of all ages. Your support is really needed as there are more than 300 seniors on our waiting list.

Please click HERE to provide your financial support for walker Josh Scheid, and thank you in advance!

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Holiday decorating got you stumped!

Need help with your winter wonderland?  No problem, just call an interior designer!

There are lots of designers who would LOVE to come into your home and help you create your very own Norman Rockwell holiday setting.  This can all be done on your budget, too.

Don’t have a designer to call, no problem give us a call 407-331-1200.  We have many designers to recommend.  We love helping you create a space you will be proud to show off.

Contact us today, Designer Services Group.

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This isn’t Rocket Surgery!

Designer Services Group is over 25 years old.  We’ve been around for a long time and we’ve seen a lot change over the years.  We’ve seen the upside and the downside of many markets and we continue to grow and evolve at all times.

How do we do it?  Simple, we continue to serve our customers with what they want most… service.  It’s not complicated at all, we provide a quality service at a good price.  We help our customers grow their business by being an extension of them.  When we provide white glove delivery at a clients home to deliver our customers furniture we know we represent not only our company but our customer’s company as well.  You can rest assured that we will represent your company very well!

Contact Designer Services Group today to learn how we can help you!

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Shipping costs are going up!

A recent New York Times article highlighted the rising cost of container shipments.  This is a big part of the cost of furniture, as very little is made here in the United States.

The article talks about the increase in demand for shipping without the increase in fleet size, that combined with the new reduced speeds the freight carriers are traveling, to save on fuel, you get a large increase in demand and well we all know what that means… increase in price!

So what can you do about this increase in shipping cost?  Well, nothing really!

I know that’s not the answer you were looking for but what you can do is control other costs.  Like the cost to handle your customers items locally by using a well known locally owned commercial receiving warehouse and white glove delivery service.  Companies like Designer Services Group allow you to use what you need without paying for anything additional.  Pay for what you receive, store and deliver without worrying about minimums or excessive storage.

Contact Designer Services Group today to learn how you can save time and money while increasing customer service.

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Happy 4th of July!

Designer Services Group would like to wish everyone a very safe and happy 4th of July. Please keep in mind the reason for our holiday, our Independence as a free and sovereign nation and don’t ever forget those how serve and have died to maintain that freedom.

Just as a reminder our offices will be closed until Monday the 12th of July for our yearly summer shutdown.  See you all that Monday!!!

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