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Don’t forget the kitchen!

How does the kitchen look these days?  A little dated?  Well used?  Does a kitchen upgrade sound daunting?  It doesn’t have to be.

As a receiving warehouse and white glove delivery service, Designer Services Group has partnered with a local custom cabinet company to help our customers take their kitchens on!  With our combined expertise upgrades to your kitchen cabinets can be within budget and time frame.  Give us a call and we can help point you in the direction of your new kitchen!


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Holiday decorating got you stumped!

Need help with your winter wonderland?  No problem, just call an interior designer!

There are lots of designers who would LOVE to come into your home and help you create your very own Norman Rockwell holiday setting.  This can all be done on your budget, too.

Don’t have a designer to call, no problem give us a call 407-331-1200.  We have many designers to recommend.  We love helping you create a space you will be proud to show off.

Contact us today, Designer Services Group.

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Remodeling? Redoing those dingy floors?

Are looking forward to a little remodeling?  How about installing some new flooring throughout the house?  You can’t sell the place, you might as well make it look really good, right?
So what do you do with the furniture in those rooms?  You call Designer Services Group, that’s what you do!  We will come to your home and protect all of your furniture for storage in either our warehouse or  your home.  When the job is all done we bring everything back and put it all right back where you want it.  We unwrapped and clean all items then out the door we go and that beautiful new place is all your!

Contact Designer Services Group today to learn how we can help you!

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Hot, Hot, Hot!

Okay, I’d like to first apologize for putting that song in your head.  Three hours from now you will probably still be humming it!

But hey, it’s summer and it’s hot!  Really hot!  You should be sitting by the pool relaxing with a drink that came with a really small umbrella.

Do you have the pool, but hate the furniture around the pool?  Patio furniture has come a long way since the old PVC and mesh pieces.  Not quite sure what may look good or hold up for years to come?

Give Designer Services Group a call, we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.  Now’s the time to act, companies want your business and are willing to earn it!

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Are you storing items somewhere…. what are your responsibilities? Show Notes

This blog touches on a topic not very many people are aware of, valuation protection of your goods in a storage facility/unit.  If you or your company use an off-site storage unit, your items are only insured for lose or damage if… you insure them!!!  Some businesses take the time to make sure their customers are aware of this and others choose not to tell anyone.  Regardless, it is still not the responsibility of the storage facility.

There are some storage warehouses that offer valuation protection on a percentage based on the weight or value of the items in their possession.  But again they aren’t responsible for the entire valuation.  Please ask your storage facility what your responsibilities are, I would hate for you to find out too late!!!!

If you need anymore information on this topic, please feel free to contact Designer Services Group.

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Summer Time!

Does your home have a laid back feel?  It’s summer time why not give your home a real make-over.  The beach inspired look is not just for homes near the coast!

Any room in the home can be made over to reflect your favorite time of the year.  If you need help contact an interior designer, they specialize in making your dreams a reality.  Don’t worry it probably won’t be as expensive as you think.  Good designers know how to work within their client’s budgets.

Need a recommendation?  Give us a call, with just a few questions we can point you in the right direction.  We have years of experience with many, many interior designers.  We enjoy working with our customers and it shows.  So contact Designer Services Group today, it doesn’t if you live in Anchorage or Miami we can help make your dreams a reality!

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User Defined Services!?!

User Defined Service?  Fancy words for… we’ll do what you need or want and price accordingly.

Do you need someone to receive, inspect and store your valuable furniture only?  We’re there for you!  Do you need items picked up and delivered throughout Florida, we can do it!

Full service installs no problem, furniture need assembly no problem!  Furniture storage needed while renovations are being done… No Problem!

Contact us today to learn how we can help!

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White Glove Furniture Installer for Your Out of Town Installs

Have a client moving into Florida?  How about a client who wants to furnish a second home or condo in Florida?  Need a professional white glove furniture installer?  Designer Services Group is your answer!

  • True “White Glove” service.
  • Full Furniture Assembly
  • Artwork and Mirror installation.
  • All Refuse Removed When We Leave
  • No Fuss – No Worry

With over 25 years experience in helping Interior Designers, Designer Services Group understands your needs.  Call today to discuss pricing and the specifics for your next job.  Referrals available upon request.

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Interior Design Warehousing Services

I just got off the phone with a person (who will remain unnamed) who works for a trucking company (who will also remain unnamed).  I was following up on a freight claim that I had filed on the behalf of one of our customers.

I was informed that the claim was processed and forwarded for payment, I  then asked how long it would take to receive the payment for the claim, this person then informed me that payment usually goes out in 6 weeks!! 6 weeks???

My first thought was that this is ridiculous, then I thought… no that’s terrible.

I asked the nice person with this company why it took so long, and I was told that this was average!  Can you believe that, “average”!

When you look for companies to surround yourself with, do look for companies that aim to provide the average service,  or do you look for the companies that aim to provide the services that no one else provides?  I would bet you look for the company that sets the bar at a height others don’t care to reach.

Give Designer Services Group a call today, we set the bar and we’re always trying to improve.  No average here!

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Interior Design Warehouse. Have you visited yours today?

Have you ever stopped by your warehouse or receiver, unannounced?  Is it what you would expect?  How organized was it?

The success of a good warehouse and inventory control system depends solely on organization.  Furniture warehouses have 3 stages for the items inside, first you have the furniture that just arrived and is awaiting processing.  Secondly you have the items that are being stored in the warehouse that haven’t been ordered out yet.  Then lastly there are the items that are ready to leave, these should be the ones lined up looking perfect for presentation to your customer.

If you aren’t able to disseminate the difference upon first inspection, if the place looks like a tornado just went through…  well you need to give Designer Services Group a call.

We handle your items like we would handle our own.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

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